quinta-feira, 27 de abril de 2017

Castlevania HD Remake

Castlevania in Unreal Engine 4. Created by Dejawolfs, this remake looked really cool.
We are happy to report version of this remake is available for download.

Castlevania was the first series' title available to the western world, and, in retrospect,
 it still reigns as one of the supreme efforts of its time. Its origin is directly correlated
 to Vampire Killer, the Konami-made adventure for the MSX2 Home Computer.
There are many arguments as to which came first in Japan--Vampire Killer or Akumajou
 Dracula--but it's of no consequence here because of the one-year gap between western localization.

The objective of the game is for the hero, the whip-toting Simon Belmont, to fight his way
 through six torturous stages filled with evil monsters and devious traps and resided over
 by the dreaded boss characters--the last of which is the ultimate evil of this game's universe,
The vampire Count Dracula. By clearing the game and waiting through the credits, you can
 resume play in a sort-of "second quest," a more difficult mission highlighted by an increased
amount of sometimes speedy minor enemies.

The gameplay is similar in mechanics for all of the alternate versions (mainly those played
 on computers), however watered-down each may be. The difficulty of each is increased due
 to very poor control schemes, maddening design, and other computer limitations. In the
 early 90's, the Castlevania showed up in arcades as part of Nintendo's Player's Choice series;
 a future arcade port, VS. Castlevania, featured two-player (taking turns, not co-op) action
 for the quarter-spending masses. Click on "review" at the bottom of this page for more


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